Guidelines for NASSW’s project funding

Project Funds for 2021 from NASSW can be given to the following:

  • Projects referring to the NASSW mission: Strengthening Nordic collaboration and sharing of knowledge between Nordic member schools.
  • Reykjavik 2021 Conference attendance for a practitioner working in a joint project with a member school: “Digitalisation of the social work profession – challenges for social work education, research and practice” or “Social work education in collaboration with practice”. To apply for funding, your projects will have to have joint component between education and practice. The funds will cover Conference fee, flight to/from Iceland and hotel accommodation in Reykjavik.

The purpose of the project funding is:

To promote social work education in the Nordic region through cooperation between employees in education.

The amount of project funding:

It is set at 3000 euro per year which can be allocated to one or two projects.

Deadline for applicants and reporting:

Application deadline 31st May each year. Deadline is extended to the 14th June 2021

The decision is made at the NASSW’s board meeting in June.

The money can be disposed of over a two-year period.

Application Guidelines:

The projects are expected to make a direct and meaningful contribution to at least one of the following areas:

  • Curriculum development
  • Content of special modules or courses
  • Practice
  • Teaching methods
  • Collaboration between teaching research and practice

If the project’s implementation requires funding from sources other than NASSW, confirmation is required that the project can be completed before the first payment can take place.

The project will be Nordic and involve teachers from at least 2 schools in at least 2 countries. The project should be creative and lead to development and clearly written in the following format:

  1. Title of the project
  1. Names, titles and addresses of all participants, coordinator or contact person.
  1. Purpose of the project (5-10 lines)
  1. Action plan, i.e., what activities are envisaged to be included in projects (5-10 lines)
  1. Expected outcome of the project (5-10 lines)
  1. Schedule
  1. Budget, where all expenses are specified as well as any income from other sponsors. The amount can only be used for direct expenses, not for salaries or expenses in connection with administration.

All applicants must be from a NASSW member school that have paid their membership fee for the previous year.

The board will review applications and make decisions on the allocation of project funds

Closing reporting:

At the end of the project, the project team prepares a report of 7-10 pages which includes:

  1. Purpose of the project
  1. Description of implementation
  1. Discussion of the project’s results
  1. Conclusions, including assessment of implementation of similar projects in another setting.

The report and produced material, such as course descriptions, are posted on NASSW’s website. The report includes a summary (max. 200 words) and an account of expenses as well as a copy of materials, which has been prepared in connection with the project. If the project results are published, NASSW is expected to be mentioned the Acknowledgments.

The funding will be paid in 2 disbursements: 40% at the approval of the project and 60% at the end of the project.

The announcement of the project and deadlines will be communicated via e-mail to the contact person at the Member school and it will be announced on the NASSW website.