Members in NASSW are University Colleges and Universities in the Nordic countries that have education that leads to a social work degree: socialrådgivareksamen (Denmark, Greenland), master’s degree in social work (Finland), degree in felagsrådgjöf (Iceland), sosionomeksamen or examination that has as main subject social work or specialization studies in social work (Norway) and socionomexamen (Sweden).

Membership requires payment of annual membership fee. The fee is € 100 – and should be payed by the 1st of May each year. Lund University, the School of Social Work,, will, on behalf of NASSW, send out claims for payment to the contact person at the individual membership school.

The member institutions’ employees can apply for funding for collaborative projects related to teaching and teaching programs. The application deadline for these projects will be 31 May each year. Every other year there is an annual meeting in NASSW. Membership gives the right to propose and to vote. Through this, it will be possible to influence which educational policy and academic issues of importance to the education in social work that the board will work with over the next two years and on a more long-term basis. Membership gives access to information about other social work departments in the Nordic countries and about issues of importance to social work education.

NASSW is represented on the board of the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) and through this takes part in international development work, capacity building of social work education and in social policy issues of importance to social work education. For more information, see

Our education also has an European organization, the European Association of Schools of Social Work (EASSW). More information at In both IASSW and EASSW, there is institutional or individual membership.