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Honorary Prize 2021

It is my pleasure to announce that the NASSW for 2021 goes to Lára Björnsdóttir. Very well deserved for your outstanding contribution to social work. The prize was handed out at the online Nordic FORSA/NASSW conference 2021 “No one will be left behind”.

A running theme throughout Lára´s career is her great passion and commitment to social justice and human rights. One could say that the slogan „ the personal is the political“ certainly has applied to Lára´s approach to social work throughout her career.

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The prize is awarded to a person who teaches or has taught in social work in the Nordic region and who has made an outstanding contribution in one or more of the following areas:
Social development work of importance to the users and social work practices
Giving voice to underprivileged groups and participating in public debate
Contributed through research or other knowledge development to the fact that practical experience has been included in teaching in alternative ways
Developed learning projects that have promoted students’ ability to creative problem solving and commitment.
Marlene Corydon Harritsø
President, NASSW

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Invitation to global social work conference – SWESD, Seoul 2022


New president and new board

NASSW has, at the annual meeting 10/11 2021, elected a new president and a new board. We would like to congratulate and welcome our new members of the board and our new president. We would also like to thank all of our leaving board members for their engagement and hard work. We will miss you all.


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